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* Bakemonogatari - they start dating pretty fast (like in second episode), but it's not so much of a romance where you just watch them dating, it's a well balanced mystery/romance/supernatural.

[Hanabishi Kaoru] is a junior in college, living out an ordinary life of studying and friends.

Please make sure the anime isnt on my completed list.

And dont just reccomend romance anime the majority of them do not really involve dating as a main part of the story.

Both of the main characters are very well thought-out and developed, and their relationship progresses beautifully. Staff favored instead a realistic and esily identifiable main.

I really need to insert some accolades here as well for the author's decision not to use the typical harem-anime hero. I just kept thinking that this series just couldn't get any better, could it?

(see original review) Never before in my brief reviewing career has it been so hard to come up with a star ranking for a title, ever. With the first volume setting the mood for the viewers, it becomes apparent that they are in for quite an amazing ride.

This title literally has it all: Beautiful artwork, main characters that won't stop (Aoi and Kaoru are absolutely incredible, no joke), and a true-blue, you might even say "bluer than indigo" (yes, commence your silly eye-rolling) romantic plot with the patented "troubled backgrounds" to keep it driving forward, this title plastered a warm smile all over my stupid face for almost the entire first volume.Well, not to sound clairvoyant or anything, but I was right.The last episode of the volume left me with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that was only confirmed and deepened when I picked up the second volume.has been too shy to even talk to her, but one day he has the perfect opportunity: he’s selected randomly to work with her on the two-person Freshman Welcoming Ceremony Committee.Just as things are starting to go well, Ichitaka’s childhood “girlfriend,” begins trying to raise it from the dead using an ancient book of the occult he bought from a shop.One day, a beautiful kimono-clad young woman appears in front of college student Kaoru Hanabishi.

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