What rhymes with intimidating

Jesse Serwer of Time Out wrote that Black Milk "finds complementary foils in surly Brooklyn rapper Price (of Boot Camp Clik and Heltah Skeltah fame) and Simpson, a J Dilla disciple whose flow is as intimidating as his name suggests". Milk has cultivated an electro-centric musical sensibility; a sound every bit as reminiscent of Kraftwerk, Gary Numan & Brian Eno as J Dilla".

Hip Hop DX writer William Ketchum noted Sean Price's and Guilty Simpson's "hard-nosed rhymes with a twist of dark humor", and wrote that Black Milk "eschews his usual soulful, electronic-influenced soundbeds for a collection of tailor-made gritty, percussive bangers". Club perceived "self-indulgence" and lack of "diversity" in the lyrics, but praised Black Milk's "quietly assured production" and wrote that the group is "more than the sum of its considerable parts".

However, Pitchfork Media's Martin Douglas viewed that the album "feels carelessly phoned in at times" and stated, "the verses are reliably good, but the tedium of clock punching replaces the spirit of competition". Okayplayer's Niela Orr called Random Axe "a release that’s thematically consistent if not repetitive and evocative of the three’s surefire chemistry" and dubbed Black Milk's production "probably the most positive (feeling-wise) attribute of the album, even though the beats are moody, dark, and gritty". Di Bella of URB commented that "[Guilty] and Sean Price are blessed with two of the best voices in hip-hop" and stated, "The beats here just make your head drift.

Because this awesome SNL parody of the Sara Bareilles song "Brave" says so. and keep your legs closed and/or your pants zipped until you get a response you like.

If you prefer sex in the content of a long-term, loving, committed relationship, then speak up... Want to discuss a major plot-spoiling aspect of your favorite TV show on Twitter ? Because discussing things right as they happen is kind of the whole point of Twitter, isn't it? In fact, it's kind of the national anthem of the rhymes-with-bucket list, in our opinion.

Take the first letter of each item you are trying to remember: APIM.

Then, arrange the letters so that the acronym resembles a word you are familiar with: PAIM or IMAP.

Because the genitals you were born with do not have to define you.

Think like a genderbread person, just like Bruce Jenner did.

degree, draftee, Dundee, foresee, goatee, gutsy, marquee, marquis, rupee, smithee, trainee, trustee, tv, party, absentee, amputee, attendee, bourgeoisie, deportee, detainee, devotee, disagree, escapee, guarantee, inductee, internee, jubilee, nominee, oversea, parolee, potpourri, referee, Tennessee, undersea, interviewee Think of short words that end in an "e" sound.

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