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Before you make your decision, consider this: refinancing student loans is not for everyone.

Refinancing is best for those who have shown improvement and stability in employment, income, and credit since graduating from school.

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The two are somewhat similar in that they are both done in order to improve your financial situation.

But they are very different processes, and understanding the difference will enable you to make a more informed decision about your finances.

Understanding the difference and the pros and cons of each will help you choose the right option for your situation.

When refinancing a loan, the person changes the terms of the loan.

The downside to consolidation, especially if you are trying to minimize student loan providers, is that at a minimum you will pay two loan servicers: the one servicing your consolidation loan and the one servicing your private loan.

Also, because the interest rate is not reduced in a consolidation, you won’t save any money.Knowing the difference between the two options is very important as you make the decision about which path to take.allows you to combine all of your educational loans, both federal and private, into one loan with one rate and one lender to repay.The benefit of refinancing outside of having one loan, one rate, and one lender is that you may also save a significant amount of money as a result of potentially lower interest rate. Department of Education program that allows you to combine your federal education loans into one single loan.The downside to refinancing is that you will lose any benefits you may have had with the your federal loans, such as access to federal debt relief programs (income-based repayment, public service forgiveness, etc.). The benefit of a direct consolidation loan is that it allows you to keep your federal and private student loans separate and retain all of your federal loan benefits.The main idea of refinancing is to take advantage of lower interest rates in the market and subsequently have a lower monthly payment.

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