Updating opensim

The grid is the level that organizes the regions and their positions in the world, and handles things that need to exist across regions, such as a user's inventory. See Open Sim: Technical Reference for definitions of some terms commonly used in Open Simulator. It then sends back to you (the client) the ip address and port to use to enter that region (as gleaned from your file).

2) Your client then connects to the region using those details.

updating opensim-2

For the "make" commands you will need Root privileges, so either change to Root user or use the sudo option: ./configure --with-libgdiplus=no sudo make sudo make install Both "make" statements take some time and produce lots of chatter to the screen, don't worry about it.

Any errors are likely to be due to missing prerequisites but it kindly tells you which ones at the end of the step.

However, one could always suffer a power cut or other major computer failure during the ugprade. Performing this upgrade means configuring your new Open Simulator version to access your existing database. Although this will often work, sometimes it's quite possible to miss new configuration settings which end up causing subtle and unexplained problems.

If you're using SQLite, then you will also need to copy over the database files since these are in the Open Simulator bin directory. Instead, we strongly recommend that you look through the new config files and copy over the settings that apply to both the new and old config.

SEE Discussion at Talk: Upgrading for examples of How-To Back Up & Restore your system PRIOR to ANY Migration or Upgrade! Build the latest version from source (or download the binaries) 2. Copy the following files from the old \bin to the new \bin - All *files - The file 4.

Look through the following configuration files and copy over your changed settings.Settings given in the inifile overrule settings given in the master file.The master file has the same format and the same keywords as the inifile, so the same documentation applies.Open Simulator is a platform for operating a virtual world, and supports multiple independent regions connecting to a single centralized grid.This is somewhat similar to the web, where anyone can run their own web server, tied together through the internet.These directions have been generalised where appropriate in an attempt to make them future proof.

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