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Asterisk Dialplan Planning - General discussion about organizing a dialplan New in Asterisk v1.2: By default, there is a new option called "autofallthrough" in that is set to yes.The Application entity in the Azure active directory (AD) contains a new property, add Ins, to support file handlers.

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In dialplans ; with more than about 20-40 extensions in a single context, this ; new algorithm can provide a noticeable speedup. ********************* ; The new pattern matcher is for the brave, the bold, and ; the desperate.

; With 50 extensions, the speedup is 1.32x ; with 88 extensions, the speedup is 2.23x ; with 138 extensions, the speedup is 3.44x ; with 238 extensions, the speedup is 5.8x ; with 438 extensions, the speedup is 10.4x ; With 1000 extensions, the speedup is ~25x ; with 10,000 extensions, the speedup is 374x ; Basically, the new algorithm provides a flat response ; time, no matter the number of extensions. If you have large dialplans (more than about 50 extensions ; in a context), and/or high call volume, you might consider setting ; this value to "yes" !!

If you want to install it, please read load_txt_def/INSTALL for instructions.

; - the Asterisk dial plan ; ; Static extension configuration file, used by ; the pbx_config module.

Implementation of key-value pair based configuration for Microsoft.

function in Local is necessary because you may want to customize some settings of the extension and to prevent an attack, the settings have to be always defined (this is done by including the file), even if they won't be changed because they can arbitrary be set if the . Expiry for the file-system cache, note that it is not purged when saving a new version of the configuration, so set this to a low value. Can be either: Users will need *-interwiki right to edit foreign wiki configuration (configure-interwiki, extensions-interwiki, viewconfig-interwiki) Base directory for extensions files, only change it if you need to. This extension adds a few user rights: Rights for Special: Configure It allows one to configure settings of Media Wiki itself.Every section in starts with the name of the section contained within square brackets.This gives the file a similar structure to the traditional file format of the Windows world.; ; XXX Not yet implemented XXX ; static=yes ; ; if static=yes and writeprotect=no, you can save dialplan by ; CLI command "dialplan save" too ; writeprotect=no ; ; If autofallthrough is set, then if an extension runs out of ; things to do, it will terminate the call with BUSY, CONGESTION ; or HANGUP depending on Asterisk's best guess. ; ; If autofallthrough is not set, then if an extension runs out of ; things to do, Asterisk will wait for a new extension to be dialed ; (this is the original behavior of Asterisk 1.0 and earlier).; ;autofallthrough=no ; ; ; ; If extenpatternmatchnew is set (true, yes, etc), then a new algorithm that uses ; a Trie to find the best matching pattern is used.; [general] ; ; If static is set to no, or omitted, then the pbx_config will rewrite ; this file when extensions are modified.

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