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“Trial by combat” was a common practice during the European Middle Ages for those moments when there wasn’t enough evidence to settle legal tiffs.

In the case of a man or woman, it might be over infidelity or divorce, where word alone is driving the allegations.

The truth is there’s no exact science to knowing when you’ll be ready.

“What you have to remember is that to be happy with someone else, it’s important to be happy alone,” says life coach Maria Tellington.

Turn on those waterworks, remind each other why fighting hurts, and hug it out.

If you can act rationally during an argument, know that you’re already 17 steps ahead of couples from the mid-1400s, who were known for taking their martial issues to the ring in the form of a duel.

90 percent of Millenials approved of the practice, although the change of heart is slow-moving.

Those surveyed showed narrow perspectives on which ethnicities they would be willing to date and how open they actually be while dating them. And certain parts of the country are meshing faster than others.

For married women, it was a bit trickier, and it often lead to them picking up a cloth club or a sword and settling the score themselves.

Fencing master Hans Talhoffer penned an illustrated instructional guide on dueling that gives us a picture of what these fights were like.

Ambiance is everything when it comes to a dinner date.

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