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Now, almost every part of Body Art is has been etched with ink or tweaked.After around 15 years of careful research, he dyed both of his eye whites, or sclera, black.

A 28-year-old convicted robber released from prison just two months ago is back behind bars and accused in the kidnapping of a Birmingham woman who made a dramatic escape from the trunk of her car after being held captive for hours.

Birmingham police Wednesday night announced formal charges against Manuel Ali Towns.

While what is known as sclera tattooing is a recent phenomenon, Body Art points out that eye tattooing can be traced back to Ancient Greece.

His nipples have been removed in order to allow tattoo artists to have a smoother canvas to work on.

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Yosef Alsabah, the owner of Gas Land, said the suspect tried to withdraw cash several times before approaching the counter and asking for help with the ATM.

Alsabah said the man was trying to withdraw more money than was in the account and was becoming frustrated.

Under the skin on his right hand is an implant in the shape of a crown, alluding to his regal name, and another of a knuckle duster in his left arm in reference to when he used to be a pro wrestler.

OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma City man was arrested after he allegedly raped a woman he met through a dating app. 3rd, a 23-year-old woman told police that she was raped by 25-year-old Money Pollard, a man she had met on the dating app “Plenty of Fish.” She said the two agreed to meet and he came over to her house to watch a movie.

“My dad had a military one because he was in the forces, and my uncle had a union jack flag with a lion and a rose.

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