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15, 2011, while she was a student at Harvard Law School.

She insinuates that a male classmate, a man she thought was her friend, drugged the drinks he bought at a bar for her and a female friend, and says that he then took the two women back to Willingham's apartment and sexually assaulted them.* When she reported this to Harvard, she says university officials were indifferent and even hostile to her.

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Additionally, court documents are public record, and your spouse may have an interest in not airing this dirty laundry in public.

A cheating spouse may be inclined to offer more in terms of property distribution or budge in a custody dispute if the other party agrees to not pursue a lawsuit against the person they had an affair with.

But how much of a role compared to natural variability was then, and is still, a matter of scientific debate.

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These include measures of intensity, frequency, and duration as well as the number of strongest (Category 4 and 5) storms . These changes, too, are linked to warming ocean waters.

And the report noted that warming from human emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases was likely playing a role.Even if you do not actually file a complaint and sue the paramour, often times the threat of such a suit can be used as leverage in your negotiations with your spouse as you separate.It may be the case that your spouse intends to continue the relationship with the paramour and doesn’t want a lawsuit tarnishing their relationship.No Peer Education: No SV education for incoming students?Yes – It is included in several sessions during orientation; there is no stand alone programming for sexual assault prevention. Red Flag messaging and programs, Walk for Awareness at the beginning of September, sexual assault awareness programs (usually about 5) in the spring.When was your sexual misconduct policy last updated?

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