Quickbooks database server updating updating linux mandrake

Please adjust the permissions accordingly to control access to these files. The next thing you need to do is configure any software firewall on your computer to allow inbound traffic on ports 80, 8019, 5673-55352.If you are using Windows 7 or 8 Professional or Ultimate for you Quick Books Server you can do all of this all in one rule if you are using Windows Firewall.Caution: You should always have a daily backup of your Quick Books data file.

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That’s why it’s important to open each company file on the server once the new release is installed, because that step updates the company file.

utility on your data file in the current version of Quick Books.

Quick Books Pro provides options to install a multiuser mode for a single person to use on two computers or for multiple users.

Each separate user must have a valid license to use the Quick Books software.

Setting up and configuring Quick Books Database Server is a process that does not need to be difficult for the average install.

We have found a few area in which people tend to have the most trouble with the configuration.

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If you are using Windows Server you might not be able to add port 80 to the rule if you have IIS installed.

The directions below are based on Windows 8 Professional using Windows Firewall, the same steps should apply for Windows 7 or higher and Windows Server 2008 or higher.

After you install this tool, fire it up, click Browse, locate your company data file, and click Test Connectivity.

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