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It was the launch of some new product, and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel at that time was the thing. She said Oh you are paying me too much, so returned 100 Dirhams back to me! I have nothing against prostitutes themselves, some might be cool, but in almost every case there is a very sad story behind it.

She was in great demand with the locals because of her fair skin and blonde hair. So, I am still curious to know if there are lots of prostitutes in a city such as Dubai? I think most prostitutes come from eastern europe, asia and africa. In Amsterdam if you want nothing to do with it, its easy to avoid, in Dubai in tends to be in your face at a lot of clubs and bars.

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We got talking and she said she was from Ukraine, doing some Government job there, but came on regular visits to Dubai to supplement her income. I also know that there are some upper class tarts servicing the locals. A drive in a fancy car, a visit to a gaudy Palace (another 7 star Hotel? For others, 1000/ or 2000/ Dirhams for the night sleeping in silken sheets.

I was somewhat taken aback when she told me that she was a lady of the night!

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