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Im too lazy to explain the other functions of the weird interface~If you're a girl, you can either choose to go out with Matt, Matsu or Stick-Mat (lol.), and if you're a guy, you can either go out with Mattie, Nenoko, Claire or Lorelei (i forgot the spelling of her name dangit). ;w; "And if anyone's wondering why her oppaiz arent the usual extreme size, its coz i wanted to depict Mattie as a beautiful woman" And you did.

Matt and Mattie werent Ninja Ai characters, but i threw them in anyway rofl. XD It's refreshing to see her out of the fanservice theme.

The story's kinda different from the one *Matsu-sensei made too, but im too tired to type everything (finished this at am). X3 Lol, perfect answer choice, and I'm amused that she already invited the player into her house?

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The most common objective of dating sims is to date, usually choosing from among several characters, and to achieve a romantic relationship.

The term dating sim is also often used as a synonym for the visual novel genre.

I say it to mock, You're lucky as hell but to me you're a c***.

Heck, this meme is proof.-----------------------------------------------------Flash: First discovered Flash here on deviant ART. "-----------------------------------------------------Princess Debut: The only decent visual novel/dating sim released to the US.

Evading the probes of an alien race, Then having to witness your : ( angry face... I'm involved in these fights, With Cancerous space-monsters full of red sprites, And Lemonade weirdos and God knows what next, Just how can you stay so serene and unvexed?

Please spare me the missions, I've no head for heights, Balloons and big lists lead me only to blights.

these links have been collected by me over a long time so I thought my blog is a perfect way to save them, in case my computer crashes…you guys can check them out too!

For a brief introduction, here are a few lines i picked up from Wikipedia.

Ukraine's Gift Ukraine's Christmas Gift By Poisonfang205/Soultail Omega-Light/Kathy Balog/ Australia Author's Notes: This is an early Christmas gift for my friend, vampire-yuki, who is my role-play buddy, male-Ukraine, since we have been doing a really cute role play on a separate chat since deviant ART, I decided that I give her a little gift to surprise her and also ship a cute pairing that we worked so hard on, Australiax Ukraine, since it's our strong pairing, but if I get a bit naughty and squint really hard in the context of the storyline, I might add Aussiex China, since I also dedicate this to clairevalintine.

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