Most intimidating football stadium

‎‎ varzeshgāh-e āryāmehr) is an all-seater football stadium in Tehran, Iran. It has a current capacity of 78,116 spectators, though it has been able to hold more than that during special matches.The stadium was designed by SOM and inaugurated on 18 October 1971; it is self-owned by Esteghlal F. The stadium is part of the much larger Azadi Sport Complex, and is surrounded by a rowing river, football training pitches, a weightlifting complex, swimming facilities and indoor volleyball and futsal courts, among many other amenities.Estadio Azteca is the only stadium which has been able to host two FIFA World Cup finals.

Ever thought what are the largest stadiums of the world, the most beautiful or the ones with the greatest football fans and the best possible atmosphere?

Coming up with a list of iconic stadiums is no easy thing — without leaving some — but you can rest assured that all those making this list have had their special moments in world football history.

Without further ado, here are some of the most amazing stadiums in football and a bit of history about them.

Home to one of the most popular clubs on the planet (or at least the team with probably the most exciting football these days), Camp Nou is not just a top-notch five star stadium, but also an intimidating arena for visiting sides.

Its land measurement is 450 Hectares and it is located in West Tehran.

This sports complex not only has the ability to put in effect different local sport fields, but also is a proper place to have celebrations, meetings, different ceremonies of governmental and ordinary organizations, and sporting camps.

There are a lot of aspects of the sport that make it great, but the one that stands out—in our opinion—is the stadiums.

A major part of what makes college football so lovable is the pageantry, and the iconic venues play a big role in creating that pageantry.

It is also the home stadium of the Iran national football team.

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