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One of the more random guests at Pippa Middleton‘s wedding on Saturday (May 20) was definitely tennis player Roger Federer!

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There will be 15,000 spectators when Wimbledon's Centre Court fills for the opening day of the championships this afternoon, but no more than 24 will be truly wrapped up in each match.

Those will be the occupants of the Players' Box, the strangely angled corner segment of the arena which seats the competitors' nearest and dearest, their Svengalis, coaches and agents.

She appeared to be contented at first, sitting on mother Kim Kardashian's lap, while waiting for father Kanye West's runway show to begin.

However, a short while later, she was twisting and turning, clearly wanting to be anywhere but there.

Wearing a delicate sleeveless shirt dress in navy on the first day of the tournament, Bate too brought along a second layer and showed off her patriotism thanks to its Union Jack print.

To Willis' second match, Bates went for a more relaxed look as she paired some navy skinny jeans with a thin, high-neck navy sweater.Tennis star Roger Federer and his lovely wife, former tennis pro Mirka Vavrinec, just welcomed the newest members of their family into the world on Tuesday. We previously mentioned his wife was pregnant with another member of his growing family, possibly 2 or 3 new members. The tennis superstar took a little time before he smacked a tiny green ball around and took this absolutely priceless photo with a cutie pie koala! [ Sure, he's won several men's world records, but tennis champ Roger Federer just got the best Christmas gift ever! Viviana Ross, a 21-year-old aspiring actress, reportedly lost her job at London's Chiltern Firehouse after a recent one night stand with Katy Perry's ex!According to , the brunette hit it off with the 40-year-old actor while serving his drinks on Friday night -- so much so that she joined him in his suite after the night out for what a source says was a "night of incredible sex"! things took a turn when she got fired for "fraternizing with clients" after her manager found her in Orlando's bed after the celeb had already left! And you were that dude who had enough of those mother f*ckin’ snakes on that mother f*ckin’ plane.” “I sure was.” See, that’s what we’d expect the conversation between Samuel L. But evidently, these two had NOTHING to talk about! sat (in silence) right next to each other at the Wimbledon Championship on Sunday!Their awkward moment was Looks like it's game, (second) set (of twins), match for the Federer family. Not only does he get to travel around the world for all of the tennis tournaments he competes in, but he also gets to meet some very interesting people along the way! Roger made his way down under for the Brisbane International tennis tournament in Australia this weekend, and it looks like he made friends with some of the locals! The two have identical twin girls, 4-year-old Myla Rose and Charlene Riva, and they're now about to add another member to this amazingly tennis-talented family! ) The Swiss superstar tweeted out the good news on Christmas Eve, writing: Orlando Bloom is living it up as a single bachelor!Coaching of players during a match is illegal, but it goes on, and many a secret signal is exchanged between player and coach.

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