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In 2003, television viewers met Nathan Scott, a cute but cocky, athletic but academically-challenged high school junior. I guess now that means I am working on my master’s degree or maybe my Ph. I think we’re going to go down as one of those great teen dramas that hopefully a generation identified with. That people look back on the show and say “That was a sign of the times.” TDW: What message would you want to give to the fans? I would like to leave the fans with a happy ending.

In the nearly seven real-time years that have passed, we’ve slowly seen Nathan transform into a handsome but humble, career-minded but family-focused husband and father. James Lafferty, who spoke with me earlier this week about the past, present and future of One Tree Hill, hopes we’ll be able to find out. I think we go to the movies, we watch our TVs so we can be told stories and I would love for our story to be one that ends positively.

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Read here some interesting facts about Chad Michael Murray.

Read here some interesting facts about Sophia Bush.2.

Now she's going to find herself with a balance and find herself in the middle: how to have a career that makes her happy, how to have a marriage that makes her happy, how to run a business with her best friend." Favorite Moments Lafferty: "The entire slamball arc.

It's a hybrid sport of basketball, hockey with trampolines.

After so many years on the air, the “One Tree Hill“ set functions like a well-oiled machine, and rarely do members of the press factor into that.

To say that we were thrilled when Zap2it was invited to Wilmington, NC to watch a bit of filming for the final season of the show is an understatement.

It’s straight to the point so people know what they’re getting. I admit I am obsessed with teen dramas and I wanted to create a place for fans just like me to discuss the shows. I lived with Brett Claywell, who played Tim on the show. We had this hybrid crew of local Utah people and the people from Wilmington we brought out. There were a lot of things we were up against that could’ve hurt us or held us back a little bit but we got through it and we got everything done, got everything we needed. Lafferty: Well, I think the show’s legacy is already defined.

I was 18 and I was out here on my own in an apartment. I called it “chasing winter.” We basically chased the winter to Utah and got back into that really cold environment. TDW: If this is the last season of the show, what would you want the show’s legacy to be?

Bethany Joy Lenz and Chad Michael Murray were both 22 years old when they first began to play Haley and Lucas respectively, while Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton were 21 years old at the beginning of the first season.

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