Issues updating windows server 2016 r2 schema extensions

We have implemented bitlocker to store informantion in AD and have actually had success with a couple of Levovos.

We just got some new HP Pro Desk 600 G1 mini's and I went to encrypt the drive and now im getting the "There is no such object on the server" error.

Historically, both Active Directory (AD) administrators and IT managers have been fearful of extending the AD schema.

issues updating windows server 2016 r2 schema extensions-82

All SQLPSX development has moved to Github Project Description The primary goal of SQL Server Power Shell Extensions (SQLPSX) is to provide intuitive functions around the SMO objects which are backward compatible with SQL 2000.

A secondary goal is to provide an application which reports flatten/effective security settings.

Out of the box, AD supports many different types of objects (e.g., users) and attributes (e.g., first and last name).

When the base schema that comes with AD doesn’t lend itself well to data you need to store in the directory, you can extend the schema with custom objects and attributes.

If you wish to change the timeout, here is how to do it.

From Disable the visibility of running applications in the Activity Manager in Advanced Configuration at Citrix Docs: By default, the Activity Manager in Director displays a list of all the running applications and the Windows description in the title bars of any open applications for the user’s session.Also see CTX202564 Citrix Director Becomes Unresponsive after Submitting the Credentials when IIS X-Frame-Options is enabled From p=33: On the Controllers having the Director role installed, locate and edit the ‘Log On.aspx’ file.Note: this only seems to work if Single Sign-on is disabled.By default the idle time session limit of the Director is 245 min.That method is preferable to upgrading the operating system of an existing domain controller.

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