Is bam margera still dating jenn

April Margera and her family became famous for being pranked on her son Bam’s show Viva La Bam but on Family Therapy with Dr. In an exclusive interview with VH1, April opened up about the state of Bam’s sobriety, her enabling behavior, and how her husband Phil responded to their treatment.

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He’s got a bullfighting ring and a mini ramp with a big Consolidated logo in the middle of it, with all these old pictures of Tom Cruise, the fucking band Europe and Rob Lowe. [laughs] Years ago you said you stopped skating because your feet were messed up. Yeah, well, it was like bone spurs in my feet, I had like six of them.

The reason why I took so long to get them fixed was because it didn’t hurt to walk or run, it just hurt to land tricks skating.

So it was never really a rush to go get them fixed.

Then four or five years went by where I didn’t skate, and if I did skate it was simply cruising around FDR or at the park at my house, but nothing serious.

Then winter came and I was in Estonia editing a movie about this guy Andy Mccoy. It was like October and it was already snowing and dark by pm.

I was like, I’m gonna kill myself if I don’t get to Barcelona and skate.But even with those sobering influences, Bam snuck booze into the treatment facility, but he eventually came clean and dumped it down the drain.The 36-year-old former skateboarder sobered up (with the help of Michael Lohan, no less), but it seems his resolve weakened shortly after he finished filming.” It was like a surf/snow/skate shop, so it wasn’t like a core skateboard shop. Now that I’ve been out here skating, Element got in touch with me and said, “If you want to release another model or an old limited edition type thing, or just go on Element tours, you’re more than welcome. It’s like banks everywhere and by the time the session is done the kids recognize who I am, so I don’t get bothered until after I’m done skating. I would pull up to the skatepark and it was like the fuckin’ Hollywood red carpet.We want you back on board.” So, that sounds good to me, but I’m 37 though [laughs] so it pretty much hurts to do anything down more than 4 stairs. Everybody would have their cameras out, and I’m not gonna let anyone film me suck for 30 minutes, so I just wouldn’t skate.They began dating right before Bam’s 16th birthday.

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