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But a tragedy could spell trouble for George's future at the factory.Meanwhile, Angie becomes a major breadwinner in the Lopez household.Benny receives an unwelcome gift after having sex with her younger boyfriend, Randy.

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'He should stop saying things that aren't true,' he told The Washington Examiner.

While his critique of Trump's speech landed on only a few ears, all eyes were on George W.

Angie finds out that her parents are getting divorced.

Meanwhile, George becomes nervous and insecure about his marriage when Angie's income as a cosmetics saleswoman increases and her social life improves.

He dodged the comedian's repeated attempts to bait him in to mocking Trump, laughing along politely instead.

The apparent inauguration outburst however falls in line with his brother's view of the new president.

He maintains a dignified silence when nudged for his view of Donald Trump. Bush apparently dropped his diplomacy at the billionaire's inauguration.

New York Magazine reports that after The Donald finished his speech, which was peppered with surprises including 'American carnage', Bush made no effort to hide what he thought of it.

And if the cops don't find you, I will, and I'll kick your ass. You know, George, sometimes late at night, I'm balled up in the fetal position, I'm naked, I'm holding a double bourbon and I am crying like a baby.

I wanna see your birth certificate, or I'm calling the cops.

'That was some weird s***,' he said, according to three separate sources who heard him.

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