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She loves them so much that she can't help but burst into tears just by thinking about them.

We're talking hyperventilating, snot-enducing, hair-pulling kind of crying!

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She loves “every,” not “any.” This isn’t the indiscriminate promiscuity of “any”; her love is large, but focused.

And as soon as she declares the depth and generosity of her feeling, she is met with limitation: she wants to hug all, but she can’t hug every.

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I can’t hug every cat.” I watched this video several times trying to figure out if it was real or a put-on? This is one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen in some time.

I suspected it was, you know, “authentic” but when I asked my husband to watch it, he had the same reaction as I did.

So, in an effort to get it out of my brain, I’m going to conduct a close reading. A talking intro: “This is my first attempt at an e Harmony video. So I’m just going to start talking about what I like.” There is the sound of a tape reel looping up, and at the word “excited” a delay echo kicks in alongside the opening chords.

I love cats I love every kind of cat I just want to hug all of them But I can’t Can’t hug every cat It begins with a declaration of love: specific, but what is more, all-encompassing.

This hilarious video has been going viral and for good reason.

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