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For me, working in both worlds makes sense: My Stanford work makes me better in industry.

And what I learn in industry improves my Stanford research. (See how to book time with me)At my Stanford lab, the Persuasive Technology Lab, we focus on methods for creating habits, showing what causes behavior, automating behavior change, and persuading people via mobile phones.

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For those of you who argue that Valentine’s Day is for everyone, you probably don’t have a girlfriend; the reality is that expectations for romantic gestures from men skyrocket, while only some women go all out in return.

Before you get all up in arms about it, just think of how much nicer the world would be with more steak and more blowies.

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Though only gaining some attention over the years, this day deserves more attention from the masses.

So pass the word, go join the facebook event, and print out some novelty cards.

BJ is the author of Using my Behavior Model (FBM) as a guide, designers can identify what stops people from performing behaviors that designers seek.

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