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force Id=, setting this to true on the scroller causes the go To Last element button to stop working, so removed it 3.

When I click on the datascroller, my data Table does not refresh automatically to show the correct page. You have copy-pasted this from the Rich Faces demo, but you have removed the "sc1" component, so perhaps a javascript error occurs that prevents the table from refreshing.

I have a composite component with a data Scroller inside (tomahawk).

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Html Data Page Index(Html Data at org.apache.myfaces.custom.datascroller.

Html Data Scroller Variables(Html Data Scroller at Thanks for the reply Mike.

The problem is however that the data Table's data Scroller gets updated before the new value of the select One Menu is applied, which results in a flawed presentation of the number of rows (it always displays the quantity for the previously selected category).

t:data Scroller variables not updating when t:datascroller is before t:data Table I've spent some time looking for an answer here as well as other sites, but haven't come across anyone else with the same problem, let alone suggested answers.

Not being a JSF2 expert, a few things that I've tried unsuccessfully are 1.

true and false for the immediate= for scroller and datatable 2.

Editable Value Holder; import javax.faces.component.

I'm using t:data Scroller to scroll some data from a t:data Table and it is working fine except for one thing: every time an action that causes the screen to be refreshed is triggered the t:data Scroller's index is set to 1.

Hi, I am using myfaces1.1.1 & tomahawk libs 1.1.1 for my project.

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