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“He seemed really upbeat, friendly and super happy to be doing what he’s doing.” Green produces, stars and writes on the Adult Swim television series “Robot Chicken,” making his work much of the focus for the class.

He has appeared in more than 150 film and TV projects, ranging from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" to "Can't Buy Me Love."Ronald Russo, a part-time faculty member of Journalism and Mass Communication, teaches the three-credit hour course.

Computer issues marred the beginning of the session, requiring Russo to switch from Skype to Google Hangouts and testing functionality on his personal computer before settling for the front-facing camera on the classroom Mac to conduct the teleconference.“We’re on, like, back-up plan three here,” Russo said.

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Technical issues weren’t enough to keep actor and comedian Seth Green from fielding questions from Kent State students Tuesday.

As part of the “ST: Cartoon Network / Adult Swim” course (JMC 40095), the actor spoke with a nearly full lecture auditorium inside Franklin Hall about writing, voice acting and the comedy industry.“I was impressed that we even got Seth Green to give his time out of his day,” said Joshua Bodziony, a senior educational studies major.

He said the process of arranging a meeting with talent for his classes involves a lot of pre-planning.“It actually takes a while to do these because of their schedules,” Russo said.

“There’s quite a number of communications — emails, letters and all that.”Russo, who also teaches comedy and Adam Sandler courses, has scored a number of big names to interact with his classes, including a pre-recorded message from actor Will Ferrell for students in 2014.

The visitor policy only applies to an individual who is not currently taking any classes in the Regental system, when there is space available in the class and with instructor permission.

Visitors are limited to 2 courses per semester and are responsible for purchasing the required books or any other classroom materials needed.

In two recent blogs, Mc Afee Labs described Japanese and Korean Android apps on Google Play that steal a mobile device’s phone number.

We have now found two more Japanese chat apps that show similar behavior.

The apps retrieve a device’s phone number, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), and Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) serial numbers, and send them to a remote web server.

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