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In the big image at left, the many galaxies of a massive cluster called MACS J1149 2223 dominate the scene.

Gravitational lensing by the giant cluster brightened the light from the newfound galaxy, known as MACS 1149-JD, some 15 times, bringing the remote object into view.

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If you simply send the first message you’ll be ahead of half your competitors on Tinder! Not wildly known about, so thought I'd post some caps and a vid so you can see what it's all about.Note that, at least for now, the show doesn't allow topless.Astronomers relied on gravitational lensing to catch sight of the early, distant galaxy.In this phenomenon, predicted by Albert Einstein a century ago, the gravity of foreground objects warps and magnifies the light from background objects.At upper right, a partial zoom-in shows MACS 1149-JD in more detail, and a deeper zoom appears to the lower right.

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