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Pardo originated from the San Fernando Valley and was a graduate of John H.

Francis Polytechnic High School in Sun Valley, Los Angeles and California State University.

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Jan Gregory, a neighbour, said she saw a teenage boy running from the house and screaming: “They shot my family!

” The house had been consumed by fire within seconds after Pardo doused the building with accelerant and torched it as he fled.

He had been due to act as an usher at the Christmas Eve midnight mass at his local church in Montrose, California.

Instead, he drove 40 miles to the small town of Covina where his former in-laws were holding a Christmas party.

He shot her in the face before stepping over her and using one or two semi-automatic handguns to spray bullets around the house, where about 25 people, including many children, had gathered for the party.

Those two and the eight-year-old child who opened the door remained in hospital as the police recovered eight charred bodies.A man who dressed up as Santa Claus to slaughter nine people at a Christmas party used a home-made flamethrower as 'a Christmas present' to set his house on fire.Witnesses saw Bruce Pardo use a metal device disguised with a Christmas bow to spray high-octane car-racing fuel around the home.He worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge.He met Sylvia Pardo, previously Sylvia Orza, in 2004. PST, Bruce Jeffrey Pardo, dressed in a Santa Claus suit, knocked on the door of his former in-laws' house, occupied by about 25 people, with a gift-wrapped package containing a homemade flamethrower in one hand and a 9mm semi-automatic handgun in the other hand; he also had three additional 9mm semi-automatic handguns in his possession.Bruce Jeffrey Pardo, 45, a devoted Roman Catholic and aerospace industry worker who may have recently lost his job, shot himself in the head hours after the meticulously planned carnage in Covina, California, 22 miles east of Los Angeles.

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