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Although he is generally referred to as a socio-political photographer and even sculptor, he occasionally presents impressive audio (mostly musical) and video works that have resulted into him earning the title of “artist-magician”.His work has been collected and exhibited by museums around the world dating back to the beginning of his career in 1998 such as the Detroit Institute of Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, the Sunrise Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the Corcoran Museum of Art in Washington, the Institute of Contemporary Photography in New York, the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Studio Museum of Harlem in Chicago.

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Sophie, their only child, was born in Pasadena, California in 1933, and the family moved to New York in 1940 when she was seven years old. Dobzhansky spent many of her summers assisting at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, where Barbara Mc Clintock, the Nobel Prize-winning cytogeneticist apparently particularly valued the care and gentleness with which she dealt with her experimental plants.

Dobzhansky graduated in 1955, majoring in anthropology, from Radcliffe College, where she was apparently known for her linguistic prowess (speaking Russian and Portuguese) and for keeping a tarantula in a bottle.

“Carl Linnaeus drew on the back of an envelope and Mark Catesby on a playing card — reminders that for each carefully prepared session, people also improvised and used whatever was available.” The authors note that as these sketchbooks were usually preparatory work for illustrations, or accompanied scientific field notes, they weren’t often saved.

Some have been disappeared over the years, such as the British flowering plant drawings by Mary Anne Stebbing burned in an 1881 house fire, and some are near losses, like the papers of naturalist William Griffith that were simply discarded in the East India Company’s basement.

In addition to photography he is known for both his unusual artistic methods and productions.

He is also known for combining various natural and supernatural sciences including alchemy, divination and astronomy to underline black history.Knorosov based his studies on De Landa's phonetic alphabet and is credited with originally breaking the Maya code, and Sophie Coe's translation played a major role in legitimizing his previously derided theories.She made another unique contribution to the field through her study of native New World cooking, writing a number of scholarly essays for Petits Propos Culinaires (PPC).The Texas Gallery hosts an extensive permanent collection of art featuring works from regional and Texas artists, sculpture, paintings and artifacts from around the world dating from the 11th century to the present.This museum chronicles the tragedies and triumphs of African American life from ancient civilizations to the present day, while also focusing on local history's of churches, families and schools. This pass allows you 3 consecutive days to visit the participating museums in Bryan-College Station.While still a student at Columbia College in 1998, Rashid was discovered by young gallery director Jumaane N’Namdi of the G. N’Namdi Gallery where he first began exhibiting his breakthrough works including the series “Seeing In The Dark”, “Manumission Papers” and “Chicken bones and Watermelon Seeds”.

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